Mission Statement


The mission of Sapphires is to create an enriching experience for our members; build lasting friendships, forge strong networks and fostering personal growth. We will accomplish these paramount objectives while providing enduring support to the efforts of our brother Fraternity – Phi Delta Psi.

In adherence to its founding principles Sapphires will provide opportunities for our members to build strong bonds of sisterhood, display their level of devotion, develop their leadership skills and demonstrate their commitment to service to their surrounding communities. We will endeavor to encourage each member to reach her fullest potential by providing intellectual, charitable, leadership and social opportunities within a supportive structure that encourages respect.


Friends are a source of support, affection, affirmation of self esteem and fun times. The bond of sisterhood that is forged amongst Sapphires spans both geography and generation. We are women organized around a common interest and purpose who nurture a strong feeling of kinship that allows us to provide the requisite support to our members in their metamorphosis from undergraduate students to productive and contributing members within their communities.


Devotion to our principles and to improving our community is very important to this organization. Sapphires are devoted to providing our brother Fraternity – Phi Delta Psi with every level of support necessary to effect real change amongst youth in our communities.


Sapphires are proponents for the need to develop leadership skills amongst our members and it encourages its development through “hands-on” experiences in a number of fields. We provide opportunities for on-campus projects as well as collaboration with our brother Fraternity for community service initiatives. Our organization provides an ideal training ground that allows our members to develop skill sets that are easily transferable to the workplace.


Service is the hallmark of our organization and we make every effort toward instilling the consciousness of our members’ lifelong responsibility of serving others. To this end our Sapphires are involved in a number of community activities that not only address the material needs and well-being of the under-privileged and disenfranchised, but seek to offer opportunities and hope for future educational and financial advancement.