Phi Rho Epsilon ΦPE also know as The Sapphires Sisterhood was established on November 9, 1979 at the University of Western Michigan. Our Founding recognize the need for an alliance amongst like-minded women to achieve the objective of empowering our surrounding communities and encouraging the future success of our oft disenfranchised black youth.

In answer to this clarion call, a number of women stepped forward to be part of the inaugural line of this burgeoning sisterhood. Out of this process the first Ladies of Phire were born. The Founders of Phi Rho Epsilon envisioned that this sisterhood would be predicated on four essential pillars of Womanhood: Sisterhood, Devotion, Leadership and Service.

Since its inception, Sapphires have worked side by side with the brothers of Phi Delta Psi to effect change within our communities through various service projects and initiatives. Our organization also has a strong commitment to the advancement of black women beyond their college tenure. Sapphires are women who possess an innate desire to be part of a dynamic network and maintain high ideals and standards that encourage intellectual growth and service to others. Ours is a group of sisters who place great value on individual development which is a key component of the mission and the vision of our organization.